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The Vintage Village Bake Off by Judy Leigh #Review

  Here we are with another amusing romcom by Judy Leigh . The Vintage Village Bake Off was published by Boldwood Books on December 4th. Now in his seventies, Robert Parkin is stunned to find himself the unlikely sex symbol of the village gardening club. Living in happy solitude with his cat Isaac Mewton in the Devon village of Millbrook, entertained by his mischievous chickens and goats, Robert has never figured out the rules of romance. But as the local ladies vie for his company, it soon becomes clear that Robert's Victoria Sponge cake is the lure, and as his baking prowess grows, so does his confidence. Cheesecakes, meringues, puddings, Robert can do it all, but his real masterpieces are his scones - ginger, rosemary, coconut, fruit, his recipes are inspired and soon come to the attention of the local media. Which county does the best cream tea - Devon or Cornwall? It's time for an age-old debate to be settled with a competition. Robert's sisters Bunty and Ha

Meet the Author: Shawn Brink

Today I am delighted to welcome author Shawn Brink to Books, Life and Everything, to talk about his writing life and his latest novel, Pets for Legion which he describes as belonging to the Horror / Christian Horror genre. 

Welcome to Books, Life and Everything, Shawn. When did you realise that you were going to become a writer?

On some level, I’ve wanted to be a writer since old enough to hold a pencil. For years, I wrote just for my own amusement. Then, in 1994, I was working overnights at a Kmart store. The problem was, there was very little to do on my nights off. My friends were all asleep. I didn’t have online access in those days and TV only ran infomercials. So, I decided to write a novel. All I had was an old Smith Corona typewriter and a ream of paper. That manuscript never got published, but it did do one thing. It got me hooked on writing longer pieces with an eye on getting published. I began writing then in earnest and have never stopped since.

What is your favorite childhood book?

The Chronicles of Narnia, By C.S. Lewis

Tell us about your latest book without giving the plot away.

Book Title: Pets for Legion

 Genre: Horror/Christian Horror

Book Blurb:

When local school paraprofessional Sasha James rescues a child from a mysterious assailant, she unknowingly marks herself as the next target. To survive this supernatural foe, she will need to search deeper than the physical, pray for power beyond the natural, and fight like there’s no tomorrow.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

For an introvert like me, writing is energizing. I can sit for hours at my laptop and visit with my book’s characters. It’s exhilarating to watch an entire world morph out of my mind and onto my computer’s monitor screen.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll get better at your craft the more you do it.

Can you give any hints about any upcoming books you have planned?

The publisher that released Pets for Legion (Tell-Tale Publishing Group) is currently considering my next novel for publication. It’s an adult supernatural thriller with the working title: Bound by Blood.

Do you have any unfinished or unpublished books hidden away?

Much of my early work remains unpublished. They say practice makes perfect and that certainly applies to the craft of writing. I won’t likely ever attempt to publish those early pieces (at least not without extensive revisions) because I’ve evolved beyond them as a writer.


Thanks so much, Shawn and good luck with your writing!
About the Author

Shawn is building a following with five published novels to his name. He also has numerous shorter works in various publications and anthologies. For a list of publishing credits, and/or to learn more about Shawn’s writing, please go to his website: Shawn is represented by Liverman Literary Agency and resides in eastern Nebraska, U.S.A.

You can follow Shawn here: Website |  Twitter  |  Facebook
                                               |  Book trailer
Book link: Amazon US  |  Amazon UK 


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