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Coming Home to Roseford Villas by Fay Keenan #Review

  Today we return to the series by Fay Keenan set in the Somerset village of Roseford. Coming Home to Roseford Villas was published by Boldwood Books on 12th April.   Aurora Henderson and Leo McKendrick were love’s young dream when they first dated as teenagers. But like many a first love, parents, life, and distance got in the way, and the couple lost touch. Now, twenty years later, Aurora – Rory to her friends – needs a break. Burnt out from her teaching career and longing to write a novel, Rory heads to the idyllic village of Roseford for a summer of writing and relaxation. Leo needs a change too. Ex-pat life in Australia has come to a sticky end so the opportunity to run his family’s B&B, Roseford Villas, for the summer is too good to turn down. Neither Rory nor Leo believe in fate, but when Leo opens the door to his latest guest, he might just have to reconsider. And when a sultry summer fills with nostalgia and memories and six weeks flies by too fast, love’s young

A Christmas Wish on a Carousel by Lottie Cardew #Review


A Christmas Wish on a Carousel by Lottie Cardew is a warm and uplifting story for the festive season It was published by Cloverdilli House Press on October 4th.

Snuggle up under your favourite blanket and escape to the beautiful village of Pebblestow this winter, for one of the most heartwarming stories of the season...

When Cara Mia Shaw makes a desperate wish one night, while riding on a carousel at a Christmas market, little does she know her small, but safe world is about to spin off its axis.

Befriending a fascinating returnee to the village, an elderly woman called Perdita with a jaunty pink beret and the wisdom of a life well lived, might set Cara on a different, albeit harder, course, if she’s brave enough to listen. Art was always her passion, after all, even if fate seemed to have other ideas.

And then there’s the new man in her life, who her friends think is perfect for her because they set her up with decent, reliable Greg in the first place. Cara’s been hurt enough times to know the difference between a good man and a feckless one. Until Wilfred comes along – moody, sarcastic, and scattered – just to complicate matters and meddle with Cara’s resolve, to the horror of almost everyone around her. But is either man ultimately meant for her, anyway? And will she self-sabotage as usual, or gamble everything this time, including her heart?

It might take the highs and lows of friendship, the risk of a forbidden romance, and a Pomeranian called Loki – not to mention some much-needed Christmas magic – before Cara finally realises the wish she made that night on the carousel might just be about to come true.

My Thoughts

This has a real feeling of magic about the story with a few hints of a fairy tale, I felt. Lottie however is down to earth and at times, has low expectations about her life. When she makes a wish at the beginning, she takes a big step out of her comfort zone.  As the story unfolds, you find out more about her insecurities and how she has come to be where she is. You also see what she often doesn't - that there are lots of people who love her and want what is best. Some of those friendships are complicated however, as are the new friendships she strikes up in the story.

    Lottie certainly develops as a person as the story unfolds and she begins to re-evaluate her talents and her ambitions. This is a lovely, gentle story, just right for Christmas. You don't know for most of the story what her actual wish was. You just know you hope it comes true as she is such a likeable and accepting person. Can she take a chance and come to terms with the deaths of her parents? You certainly hope so.


In short: An endearing story with a sprinkle of magic 

About the Author

Lottie Cardew was born during the Great Lockdown of early 2021, and writes uplifting, heartstring-tugging romcoms with no mention of anything remotely resembling a pandemic.

She lives in North Wales, subdues the other members of Novelistas Ink if they misbehave – including the popular authors Trisha Ashley and Sophie Claire – and is a huge advocate of diversity and OwnVoices in fiction. Lottie has previously written as Valerie-Anne Baglietto, and is diagnosed autistic with suspected ADHD. Her home is currently overrun by husband, not-very-small children, and a ball of fluff masquerading as a Pomeranian, so Lottie often takes refuge at her pop-up desk in the bedroom.

Lottie guarantees her books will have a HEA ending, and some might possibly have a tiny hint of magic, too. They will always be warm, emotional, and witty (she hopes), and transport her readers to lovely places because everyone needs somewhere safe to escape to at times.

You can follow Lottie here:  Twitter  |  Instagram  |   Newsletter sign up  |   Website  |   Facebook Author Page

Book link:  Amazon UK

Thanks to Lottie Cardew, Cloverdilli House and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.



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