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All at Sea by Gemma Roman #Review

It is great to support books which are independently published so I am delighted to feature All at Sea today. In fact, this is the first day of the blog tour to celebrate this novella by Gemma Roman.

Alice is young, in love and living on the Cornish coast. Life should be perfect. But Alice is about to meet someone who will make her question everything.

                                                                                     My Thoughts
This novella of 170 pages is a quick and entertaining read which nevertheless shows the complexity of relationships. Alice's life is thrown into turmoil when she meets a newcomer to her home town and this has a ripple effect on several others. One of the interesting aspects of Alice's character is how she is a mixture of conformity and recklessness. She loves her home town and needs to stay close to her family and friends who she has known all her life. Yet there is an unfulfilled aspect to her as well. 
    You also get to see the event…

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