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Anything You do Say by Gillian McAllister **Blog Tour Review**

I am delighted to be taking part in the Blog Tour to celebrate the publication of Gillian McAllister's latest psychological thriller, Anything You Do Say. Penguin are releasing the digital edition of the book on October 19th 2017 and the paperback is due out on January 25th 2018. 

McAllister’s second novel, Anything You Do Say, is an incredibly unique and intelligent take on the psychological thriller- told in two narratives (Reveal & Conceal), following two different eventualities that weave together seamlessly. Lawyer by day, McAllister blends her professional legal expertise with moral conundrums that ask the reader what would you do?

 When Joanna hears the footsteps behind her that every woman dreads she makes a snap decision. She turns and she pushes, sending her pursuer tumbling down the steps to lie motionless on the floor.

Reveal - Calling 999 Joanna waits for the police to arrive. For judgement, for justice, whatever that may be. She just needs to hope her husband will s…

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