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The Saturday Morning Park Run by Jules Wake #Review

Jules Wake's The Saturday Morning Park Run will be published on 29th August 2020 by One More Chapter.
This is the story of two women.One old, one young.One looking for new adventures. One looking for a purpose.Both needing a friend.And this is how, along with two little girls in need of a family, a gorgeous stranger, and a scruffy dog, they bring the whole community together every Saturday morning for love, laughter and a little bit of running…(well, power walking).Some people come into your life when you need them the most.
My ThoughtsThis book was a delight to read. It has humour, romance, heart-warming moments, great characters and even a dog in need of a home! I found that I totally bought in to the friendships which develop between Claire, Ash and Hilda. Connecting across the generations seems easy in this story and there is a real sense of chance bringing people together at just the right time.
    Starting anew, taking a look at work/ life balance and second chances are theme…

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