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Unscripted by Claire Handscombe ** Blog Tour Review**

Today we are looking at a book with a slight difference.

Claire Handscombe’s novel Unscripted is forthcoming from Unbound.

Unbound are an innovative, crowdfunding-based publisher who’ve produced best-sellers and award-winning books, like The Good Immigrant by Nikesh Shukla. Their model is based on Kickstarter-style pledges, and when a book reaches 100% of their funding, they kick in as a more-or-less traditional publisher. So when you pre-order a book, you’re actually helping to make it happen. You get thanked in the back for being part of the journey, and you can also get various rewards at different pledge levels. So if you like the sound of Unscripted, please consider supporting the book by pre-ordering it at Unbound. Here's a little about the book: 

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