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Another Life by Jodie Chapman #Review

I am delighted to feature this impressive debut novel by Jodie Chapman , Another Life . A Coming of Age story, it was published on April 1st by Michael Joseph .  ‘A modern day Atonement meets David Nicholls. Beautifully written – I couldn’t put it down’.  Emma Gannon   She could be the girl dancing on tables one night, and the next she'd be hiding in the shadows. Just when I thought I understood her, she would melt away and become a completely new person, and I'd have to start all over again. That's how it was with Anna. _______ Nick and Anna work the same summer job at their local cinema. Anna is mysterious, beautiful, and from a very different world to Nick. She's grown up preparing for the end of days, in a tightly-controlled existence where Christmas, getting drunk and sex before marriage are all off-limits. So when Nick comes into her life, Anna falls passionately in love. Their shared world burns with poetry and music, cigarettes and conversation - hints

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