Blood, White and Blue by James Silvester #lovebooksgrouptours ** Book Spotlight**

 Today I am featuring Blood, White and Blue- James Silvester's latest thriller, which introduces a strong female central character, set in a political landscape which you may recognise...

Love, deception and murder dominate as thriller writer James Silvester delivers the first in the Lucie Musilova series.
Britain is a hotbed of racial tension and economic uncertainty.

Only Sir Geoffrey Hartnell, an ageing but hugely respected MP, can bring about a successful resolution to the talks, but a ghost from the past threatens to bring the UK to its knees.

Lucie Musilova meanwhile, is a young woman running out of

places to hide. Half British, half Czech and rejected by both

countries in the aftermath of Brexit, she meets ‘Mr. Lake’, the

eccentric Head of a branch of the intelligence services known as

‘The Overlappers’, and is press-ganged into service on the

Huxley case……

PUB DATE:  8th November 2018
ISBN: 9781911583905

Book link: Amazon UK
About the Author

James Silvester's debut novel and the sequel, Escape to Perdition and The Prague Ultimatum, reflected his love both of central Europe and the espionage genre and was met with wide spread acclaim. James has also written for The Prague Times and his work has been featured by Doctor Who Worldwide and travel site An Englishman in Slovakia. James lives in Manchester.

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