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Death at Lovers Leap by Catherine Coles #Review#PublicationDay

    Today I am featuring the third in a cozy crime series by Catherine Coles , The Martha Miller Mysteries . Death at Lovers' Leap is published today, on February 16th by Boldwood Books .You can read my review of the first in the series, Poison at the Village Show   here amd the second, Death at the Country Fair   here .     Westleham Village 1948 As Valentine's Day rolls around, Martha Miller finds herself unusually melancholy at the state of her own love life. With husband Stan still missing and with her growing feelings for Vicar Luke still shrouded in secrecy, there’s only one place Martha can go - famous local beauty spot, Lovers' Leap. Legend has it that those with a broken heart throw themselves off the bridge that spans the river, but Martha is certainly not about to do such a thing! But it looks like someone else has had other ideas…. Because there in the river, Martha finds a body. But is this misadventure, a moment of lovesick madness, or is foul play a

Two's Company at the Forest Light Show by Margaret Amatt #Review #GlebriarSeriesBook4 #PublicationDay


We are returning to beautiful Scotland  for Margaret Amatt's fourth in her Glenbriar  Series,  two's Company at the Forest Light Show. You can read my review of the first, Stolen Kisses at the Loch View Hotel here and the second, Just Friends at Thistle Lodge here and the third, Pitching up at Heather Glen here . This latest novel is published today, on August 19th by Leannan Press

The Glenbriar Series is a spinoff from the Scottish Island Escapes series and there are crossovers and intertwining characters. In this story, there's even a trip back to the island!

One night, one second chance, and a love story waiting to happen

Vivacious forestry worker Cha Gilchrist doesn’t usually have flings with buttoned-up guys who dress like her old geography teacher, no matter how secretly attractive she finds them. But she makes one exception; after all, she’ll never see the guy again...


Reserved Nick Harkness is used to people thinking he’s dull – better that than having them discover his secrets. But his carefully constructed life is cracked open when the blue-haired goddess he chanced an uncharacteristic fling with appears in his office and gives the perfect interview for a woodland management job. Nick has no option but to hire her.


Working together on the Glenbriar Forest Light Show, Nick and Cha uncover corruption at the heart of the organising committee, but under their professional façade, a burning attraction simmers. As they attempt to expose the truth, they can’t ignore the intensity of their feelings.


Pursuing her boss is a risky step, even for daring Cha, but if Nick’s secrets come to light, then his position in the company might be the least of their problems.

 My Thoughts

This has been my favourite of the series, so far, probably because of the two characters at its centre. They are such contrasting personalities. Cha is a vivid, vivacious individual although you sense that she is ready for a change of gear in her life. Unconventional on the surface, she is a kind and warm person who seems to care about the environment and the people she meets. Nick is her polar opposite on the surface but he has secrets in his past which his workmates aren't aware of. Cha wakens in him a side of his personality which he has kept hidden.

This is a great love story with a varied cast of characters who add local flavour to the story. It is great to glimpse Logan and Cha's parents again and also a visit back to some of Cha's island friends. This series as a whole has been a warm and engaging experience which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

In short: can opposites attract? 

About the Author

Margaret is a Scottish author and chocolate lover who has been writing stories for over twenty years (possibly more if you count her primary school efforts). Her early works will never see the light ofday and are locked in dusty vaults on some old floppy disks. But after all those years of practise, Margaret released her first novel A Winter Haven in 2021. This is the first of a ten-book series set on the gorgeous Scottish Isle of Mull. Margaret has also written four books in The Glenbriar Series with more planned for 2023.

The stories are unashamedly romantic but with lots of drama and an eclectic mix of characters. Each book can be read as a standalone but followers of the series will enjoy catching up with the characters.

You can follow Margaret here:  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter 


Book links: Amazon UK  |  Amazon US

Thanks to Margaret Amatt, Leannan Publishers and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.

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