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Today I am welcoming Rachel Ellyn's What Goes Around to the blog. This novella was published on September 3rd by Empress in e-book format.
Alice has been playing the perfect Southern wife for over twenty-five years. So when Bob dumps her for some blonde bimbo twenty years her junior, Alice figures she's entitled to every dollar she can bleed from him. And, once she's got the money, she's entitled to use it on a much-needed vacation to Nanm Paradi, a Caribbean resort that sells itself as her "soul's paradise".

She's never experienced anything as luxurious as Nanm Paradi. The staff know her every desire and cater to her every need before she even knows she needs it. She figures this is how the really rich live and she's ready to take advantage of all of it--the fabulous drinks, the beautiful views, and the handsome men. And when she discovers that voodoo magic is also on offer... well, Bob hurt her bad. She can take some time away from paradise to exact a little pain. Alice would have been happy to leave things at that.

But when she gets hit where it hurts--her bank account--Alice's game changes. It's no longer about post-divorce romance. Now it's about revenge.

What Goes Around is a little bit thriller, a little bit witchy, a little bit romance, and a whole lot of sass.

My Thoughts

If you are looking for an out and out romantic read , you will find that What Goes Around is certainly not that! It is full of humour and should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. Once I had realised this, I relaxed into the story and went with the flow. Something I needed to get over was that I didn't much like the central character, Alice. Her actions made it difficult to be sympathetic until you realised that she has had a torrid time during her marriage and been well and truly hurt. There is a vulnerability about her at times and the desire to be in control of her own destiny.

    In many ways, this felt like a fairy story but featuring black magic and voodoo. It is pure escapism, with some amusing dialogue, set in a paradise resort. If you are looking for a quick read with characters who will amuse you with their lack of boundaries, this is the book for you. 

In short: Paradise with a black heart. 
About the Author

Life and loves after the career.

With degrees in Finance and Economics, Rachel found wonderful success in the business world, which took her I.T. and financial process consulting international. However, with her mind focused on business, and with the lack of training and mentoring in her personal life, marriage success eluded her.

After foraging on a path of self-awareness and exploration with a determination to avoid repeating patterns again, she found the key to relationship bliss. Now, combining her passion for writing and storytelling with her skills, knowledge, and drive that led to her business acclaim, Rachel shares her off beat take on the world, and her findings where life, love, divorce, and children are concerned.

Rachel is determined to be a publicist's nightmare by writing in multiple genres including children’s fiction, flash fiction, romance, and suspense/thriller.

After multiple divorces, she is now happily married and lives in the Kansas City Metropolitan area enjoying the household noise of her soon-to-be empty nest.

You can follow Rachel here:  Facebook  |  Twitter   |  Instagram
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Book links:  Amazon UK   |  Amazon US

Thanks to Rachel Ellyn, Empress Press and Emma Welton of damppebbles blog tours  for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.

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