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Coming Home to Roseford Villas by Fay Keenan #Review

  Today we return to the series by Fay Keenan set in the Somerset village of Roseford. Coming Home to Roseford Villas was published by Boldwood Books on 12th April.   Aurora Henderson and Leo McKendrick were love’s young dream when they first dated as teenagers. But like many a first love, parents, life, and distance got in the way, and the couple lost touch. Now, twenty years later, Aurora – Rory to her friends – needs a break. Burnt out from her teaching career and longing to write a novel, Rory heads to the idyllic village of Roseford for a summer of writing and relaxation. Leo needs a change too. Ex-pat life in Australia has come to a sticky end so the opportunity to run his family’s B&B, Roseford Villas, for the summer is too good to turn down. Neither Rory nor Leo believe in fate, but when Leo opens the door to his latest guest, he might just have to reconsider. And when a sultry summer fills with nostalgia and memories and six weeks flies by too fast, love’s young

Snowdown at the Old Schoolhouse by Margaret Amatt #Review #GlenbriarBook6


We are returning to beautiful Scotland  for Margaret Amatt's sixth in her Glenbriar  Series, Snowdown at the Old Schoolhouse. This latest novel was published on 18th November by Leannan Press.

 You can read my review of the first, Stolen Kisses at the Loch View Hotel here and the second, Just Friends at Thistle Lodge here and the third, Pitching up at Heather Glen here, the fourth, Two's Compamy at the Forest Lights Show here, the fifth, Highland Fling on the Whisky Trail here. 

They didn’t forecast this!

When charismatic and handsome weather presenter Marcus Bowman walks back into Willow Roxburgh’s life three weeks before Christmas, her quiet job as an admin worker at the Old Schoolhouse residential care centre in Glenbriar is shattered. He’s not only the man she used to crush on, he’s also the one who thwarted her TV forecasting dreams.

But she’s no longer the anonymous studio assistant; she’s secretly Scotland’s new favourite weather forecaster, Rocky Rainman.

With the Schoolhouse facing closure, Marcus is on an assignment to drum up festive support. However, he’s discovered the internet sensation Rocky Rainman lives somewhere nearby and is determined to expose him after Rocky’s recent damaging comments on social media. Seeing Willow, the girl he used to obsess over, shakes his priorities.

When a blizzard hits, Willow and Marcus are snowed in, and she discovers her perception of him wasn’t as accurate as her forecasts. Marcus isn’t convinced it’ll be a white Christmas, but he’s determined to win Willow’s heart. Can their new love weather storm if he discovers her secret? Because how can there be a future for Marcus Bowman and Rocky Rainman?

 My Thoughts

This is quite a fun read with a distinctive central character. Willow has her own reasoms for wanting to be off camera but her talent and determination to be a successful weather forecaster are palin to see. With a big secret to hide, she finds herself in some tricky situations once Marcus has arrived in the Highlands.  Marcus too is not how he appears to the public and he has kept a few secrets of his own out of the public view. Secrecy has become second nature to him and he jas definite trust issues. However, the chemistry between Marcus and Willow is pretty clear.

    This story has quite a lot to say about following your dreams and facing up to what you actually want to do. Several stereotypes are dismantled and the message clearly is to look beneath the surface. As ever, the setting around Glenbriar lends itself to this expending series of stories and I am looking forward to number 7.

In short: Can you foretell the future?


About the Author

Margaret is a Scottish author and chocolate lover who has been writing stories for over twenty years (possibly more if you count her primary school efforts). Her early works will never see the light of day and are locked in dusty vaults on some old floppy disks. But after all those years of practise,

Margaret released her first novel A Winter Haven in 2021. This is the first of a ten-book series set on the gorgeous Scottish Isle of Mull. Margaret has also written six books in The Glenbriar Series with more planned for 2024.The stories are unashamedly romantic but with lots of drama and an eclectic mix of characters. Each book can be read as a standalone but followers of the series will enjoy catching up with the characters.


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 Thanks to Margaret Amatt, Leannan Publishers and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.

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