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Meet hte Author: TK Orbelyan

  I am happy to be welcoming author, TK Orbelyan to Books, Life and Everything today. His latest psychological thriller, Fangs of Deception was published by i2i Publishing on February 1st 2023.   Welcome to Books, Life and Everything !    Would you like to start by telling us a little about yourself and how you started as a writer? I have been an avid researcher for years, ever since I began realising that the world we live in is based on an intricate web of lies. In recent years I have worked as an editor and investigative journalist, but the transition to becoming a writer – especially of novels – arose when I realised that the truth about what is really going on in the world could be more easily conveyed through interesting easy-to-read novels rather than fact-heavy journalistic articles. In addition, the platforms that tend to publish factual articles of this kind typically have readerships who are already fairly aware of the true nature of reality, whe

Anyone But the Billionaire by Sara L Hudson #Review #AnyoneButYouSeriesBook1


 Today we have romcom by Sara L Hudson, Anyone but the Billionaire which was published by Boldwood Books on January 31st.

A steamy, hilarious read! Perfect for fans of Meghan Quinn and Penny Reid.

What happens when a New York City playboy, a Southern spitfire, and a hairless cat walk into a coffee shop?

Self-made mogul Chase Moore is a charming hound dog with a hairless cat and a family business to save.

He was fine being the spare to the heir until the family's billion-dollar business threatens to go belly-up.

Now Chase will need more than his rakish good looks to fight his father for control.

Powerhouse marketing guru Campbell King returns to Texas and launches her own company after being chewed up and spat out by the city that never sleeps,

One phone call makes all the difference when a sauve and sexy male voice offers her the chance to redeem herself and help him save his swanky Manhattan store.

When the sexy redhead finally runs into her new billionaire boss, they’re both in for a shock.

But there’s no way Campbell is dating the boss. In fact, anyone but the billionaire would be better…

Previously published as A Little Moore Action by Sara L Hudson.

 My Thoughts

This romcom is certainly entertaining and a fun read. The clash of New York ways and Texas makes for a good contrast and adds dimension to the main characters of Chase and Campbell. I also enjoyed the supporting characters, especially Campbell’s lawyer, Leslie, who added plenty of over the top humour.

    Family is always in the background. The contrast between Campbell’s memories of her parents and the dysfunctional Moore family adds to the story and explains elements of their characters. This is one of those rather raunchy romcoms  which is pure entertainment. Even Chase’s cat adds to the humour. As secrets from the past emerge, you realise that not all characters are as they first appear. 

In short: entertaining romance

About the Author



Sara L Hudson is a bestselling romantic comedy author of several books including the out-of-this world Space Series featuring the men and women of NASA and their hilarious and panty-melting happily-ever-afters.

She lives in Houston with her two kids and NASA engineer husband and spends most of her time laughing at inappropriate jokes and making social situations awkward.

You can follow Sara here: Facebook  |  Twitter |  Instagram

                                         |  Bookbub

Book link: Amazon UK 

Thanks to Sara L Hudson, Boldwood Books and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.


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