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Meet hte Author: TK Orbelyan

  I am happy to be welcoming author, TK Orbelyan to Books, Life and Everything today. His latest psychological thriller, Fangs of Deception was published by i2i Publishing on February 1st 2023.   Welcome to Books, Life and Everything !    Would you like to start by telling us a little about yourself and how you started as a writer? I have been an avid researcher for years, ever since I began realising that the world we live in is based on an intricate web of lies. In recent years I have worked as an editor and investigative journalist, but the transition to becoming a writer – especially of novels – arose when I realised that the truth about what is really going on in the world could be more easily conveyed through interesting easy-to-read novels rather than fact-heavy journalistic articles. In addition, the platforms that tend to publish factual articles of this kind typically have readerships who are already fairly aware of the true nature of reality, whe

An Island in the Sun by Kate Frost #Review


Today we have another escapist read by Kate Frost. An Island in the Sun was published on Febtuary 6th by Boldwood Books. 

Running away is what Tabitha Callahan does best until saying goodbye becomes too hard…

When successful songwriter Tabitha Callahan swaps a summer of sadness for pet sitting around the world, she intends to use the time to heal her broken heart.

Tabitha can’t believe her luck when she picks up a housesit on the rugged and beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira.

The villa is luxurious, the views breath-taking and her charges, a gorgeous but aloof cat and two cute and friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, are perfect companions while she works on some new material and attempts to reconcile her past.

However, her peace is shattered when an unexpected house guest puts paid to her much-needed time alone, forcing her to confront not only her feelings but what she actually wants from life.

New friends and old dominate her time on the island, along with deep-rooted regret and unspoken sorrow.

Will a year of running away be enough to put the past to rest and allow someone new to inch into her heart?

                                                                                     My Thoughts

Escaping to Madeira seems very tempting and I thoroughly enjoyed this uplifting story of coming to terms with the past and finding love. 

 Tabitha is a likeable character who loves her family but feels the need to travel light as she tries to come to terms with the ending of her relationship. Travelling has been part of her childhood and as yet, she has not found a place she wants to settle. In many ways, people are her home rather than a place. She has enjoyed cutting herself off from people and enjoys the companionship of the pets she is charged with looking after. 

    Raff is  complicated character whose childhood experiences have meant that he is distant from his family. In many ways, he is similar to Tabitha as he too is getting over a broken relationship and using travel to avoid some truths. Raff’s family and neighbours are an interesting bunch and need to face up to issues from the past. This is an uplifting story. Tabitha and Raff both need to stop running from their past and face up to their feelings.

In short: sun, freedom, romance

                                                                               About the Author 


Kate Frost is the author of several bestselling romantic escape novels including The Greek Heart, and The Love Island Bookshop. She lives in Bristol and is the Director of  Storytale Festival, a book festival for children and teens she co-founded in 2019.

You can follow Kate here:  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter    |   You tube  |   Website

Book links: Amazon UK

Thanks to Kate Frost, Boldwood and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources  for a copy of the book and a place on the tour. 

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  1. A lovely review, thank you for being part of An Island in the Sun blog tour!


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