The Accidental Love Letter by Olivia Beirne #Review

Today's blog features Olivia Beirne's novel, The Accidental Love Letter  which was published by Headline Review on October 17th.

Bea used to feel confident, outgoing and fun, but she's not sure where that person went. 

Over the last few months, she's found herself becoming reclusive and withdrawn. And despite living with her two best friends, she's never felt lonelier. To make things worse, she's become so dependent on her daily routine, she's started to slip out of everyone else's.

But when a mysterious battered envelope covered in stars lands on her doormat, Bea wonders if she could find the courage to open it.
It isn't addressed to her, but it could be... if you squinted...

My Thoughts

Bea is a character who you instantly feel empathy for. You realise fairly early on that she is lonely and needs commitment but once the letter arrives, you realise that this could be her chance to connect. It took a time to get the measure of her, but once I had, I realised that she was a caring but lonely person.  I loved her relationships which she forged with the residents and soon saw that it was a two way street. She gets as much from her friendships in the home as the residents feel for her.   

    This is one of those warm, uplifting stories which you are delighted to read. Once you start, you don't want the narrative to finish. I enjoyed the structure of the story where you saw the events through Bea's eyes, even though there was a lot happening outside her experience. She reacted so readily to her surroundings that you cannot but feel sympathy for her. 

In short: A warm. uplifting read

About the Author

 Olivia Beirne is the bestselling author of The List That Changed My Life and lives in Buckinghamshire. She has worked as a waitress, a pottery painter and a casting assistant, but being a writer is definitely her favourite job yet. 

You can keep in touch with Olivia through her website, or via Olivia_Beirne on Twitter, olivia.beirne on Instagram and Olivia-Beirne  on Facebook.  

Book link: Amazon UK 

Thanks to Olivia Beirne, Headline Review and Anne Cater of Random Things Tours for a copy of the book and a place on the tour. 

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