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The Vintage Village Bake Off by Judy Leigh #Review

  Here we are with another amusing romcom by Judy Leigh . The Vintage Village Bake Off was published by Boldwood Books on December 4th. Now in his seventies, Robert Parkin is stunned to find himself the unlikely sex symbol of the village gardening club. Living in happy solitude with his cat Isaac Mewton in the Devon village of Millbrook, entertained by his mischievous chickens and goats, Robert has never figured out the rules of romance. But as the local ladies vie for his company, it soon becomes clear that Robert's Victoria Sponge cake is the lure, and as his baking prowess grows, so does his confidence. Cheesecakes, meringues, puddings, Robert can do it all, but his real masterpieces are his scones - ginger, rosemary, coconut, fruit, his recipes are inspired and soon come to the attention of the local media. Which county does the best cream tea - Devon or Cornwall? It's time for an age-old debate to be settled with a competition. Robert's sisters Bunty and Ha

Dreams come true at Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters #Review


I am thrilled to be taking part in the celebrations for the next inVictoria Walters' Glendale Hall series,  Dreams Come True at Glendale Hall.

Lorna is following her dreams. But can she follow her heart?

Lorna Ferguson has dreamt of opening her own bed and breakfast in the village of Glendale for as long as she'd pictured falling in love. While her love life remains frankly hopeless, Lorna is determined to secure Dove House - the home she imagined living in as a child - to start this new venture with her family.

Along with brother Adam, Lorna starts restoring the house to its Art Deco glory, but faced with a whole host of renovation problems and their money fast running out, they worry that Dove House will never be ready to open in the New Year.

When a mystery man turns up, needing to fulfil a promise he made to his dying father and find the object he left at Dove House many years ago, Lorna's heart goes out to him. But what they find there is going to change both of their lives forever.

Facing problems at every turn, and distracted by her heart, Lorna is going to need all the magic that her beloved Glendale can supply to make all her dreams come true..

My Thoughts

 This fifth return to Glendale is as welcoming and reassuring as ever. The familiar characters are all there but this story revolves around Lorna, who has a lifelong dream to fulfil and her growing friendship with Finlay. Lorna is established as a distinct and credible character.  Lorna's brother, Adam, is a supportive and encouraging brother. In fact, you are introduced to a whole new family and a secret from the past is unearthed. Lorna's family is as supportive as you can want, despite a few sibling rivalry ripples. It is interesting to see how some are able to revisit the past but  at the same time, look forward and be grateful for the present. There is also a feeling that some things are not meant to work out but lead you ont to a better future.

    You also feel the turn of the seasons as Autumn arrives and gradually makes way for Christmas. The yearly calendar of events at Glendale Hall moves on, with Hallowe'en and the winter trail featuring in the story. As the title suggests, several characters have dreams for their futures and in many ways, the community in the village work to help each other. This makes for a warm, feelgood flavour, just right for this time of year.

In short: a mystery to uncover and dreams to fulfil

About the Author

Victoria Walters is a full-time author living in Surrey. Victoria writes cosy books including the bestselling uplifting and romantic series GLENDALE HALL and the new gripping and charming crime novel MURDER AT THE HOUSE ON THE HILL. She has been chosen for WHSmith Fresh Talent and shortlisted for two RNA awards. Victoria was also picked as an Amazon Rising Star.

Find out more about Victoria by following on Instagram at  @vickyjwalters, on Twitter at @Vicky_Walters or by visiting her blog at

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Book links:  Amazon UK  |  Apple Books |  Kobohive

Thanks to Victoria Walters, Hera Books and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour. 

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