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A Christmas Miracle in the Little Irish Village by Michelle Vernal #Review

  Michelle Vernal's A Christmas Miracle in the Little Irish Village was published on September 27th by Bookoutre . Ava Kelly loves returning to Emerald Bay for Christmas. Snowflakes fall on the green rolling hills and mulled wine fills The Shamrock Inn with the smell of winter spice. But this year, the Kelly family is hoping for a miracle… When twenty-four-year-old Ava Kelly and her adventurous twin Grace return home to The Shamrock Inn, their Ma’s favourite baubles bring back so many memories of Christmases past. They have always done everything together, even leaving their little Irish village for the excitement of London. But with the locket her handsome ex Shane gave her hanging just above her heart, Ava has just one wish this festive season… After a year stuck in a job she can’t stand and going on dreadful dates, Ava longs to be back with Shane. Curling up in front of the fire with him, the brooding fisherman everyone else sees melts away as his blue eyes meet hers.

Editing your novel's Structure :Tips, Tricks, and Checklists to Get You From Start to Finish by Bethany A Tucker #Review


Today we are looking at something a little different- a non -fiction book which examines how an author goes about writing a novel. 

Editing Your Novel's Structure: Tips, Tricks, and Checklists to Get You From Start to Finish

Before it’s time to check for commas and iron out passive voice, fiction writers need to know that their story is strong. Are your beta readers not finishing? Do they have multiple, conflicting complaints? When you ask them questions about how they experience your story, do they give lukewarm responses? Or have you not even asked anyone to read your story, wondering if it’s ready?


If any of the above is true, you may need to refine the structure of your story. What is structure you ask?  Structure is what holds a story together. Does the character arc entrance the reader? Is the world building comprehensive and believable? These questions and more have to be answered by all of us as we turn our drafts into books.


In this concise handbook, complete with checklists for each section, let a veteran writer walk you through the process of self-assessing your novel, from characters to pacing with lots of compassion and a dash of humor. In easy to follow directions and using adaptable strategies, she shows you how to check yourself for plot holes, settle timeline confusion, and snap character arcs into place.

Use this handbook for quick help and quick self-editing checklists on:

- Characters and Character Arcs.

- Plot.

- Backstory

- Point of View.

- A detailed explanation of nearly free self-editing tools and how to apply them to your book to find your own structural problems.

- Beginnings and Ends.

- Editing for sensitive and specialized subject matter.

- Helpful tips on choosing beta readers, when to seek an editor, and a sample questionnaire to give to your first readers. 

Grab your copy of Edit Your Novel’s Structure today! Now is the time to finish that draft and get your story out into the world.

My Thoughts

 I am sure that everyone believes that they have a novel to be written and this is a useful and informative look at the process of creating a novel. It is full of detail, with a treasure trove of tips and checklists to help you to self-edit and to marshal your thoughts. 

    Written in a concise and approachable style, the author encourages the would-be writer to examine aspects of their writing style and to consider different layers of a novel, through plot, characters, backstory, points of view. This would be a useful tool for anyone who is considering writing and looking for advice on how to structure that writing.

About the Author

Bethany Tucker is an author and editor located near Seattle, U.S.A. Story has always been a part of her life. With over twenty years of writing and teaching experience, she’s more than ready to take your hand and pull back the curtain on writing craft and mindset. Last year she edited over a million words for aspiring authors. Her YA fantasy series Adelaide is published wide under the pen name Mustang Rabbit and her dark epic fantasy is releasing in 2021 under Ciara Darren. You can find more about her services for authors at

You can follow Bethany here:  


Book links: Amazon UK   |  Amazon US


Thanks to Bethany Tucker and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources  for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.



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