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Far from Home by T A Williams #Review #BeneathItalianSkiesBook3

  As ever, I am delighted to feature another romance by T A Williams , set in beautiful Italy. Far from Home was published by Canelo on May 9th. The secrets of the past will unlock her future… Working in the fast-paced foreign exchange market in Canary Wharf, Amy never expected her job to drive her to collapse. With her doctor advising she take a month off work, when Amy receives a solicitor’s letter informing her of a surprise inheritance in Italy, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. But who on earth has left her a house in the sleepy Tuscan hills? As she gets to know the town and its inhabitants, Amy discovers more about the mysterious man who named her in his will. Shocking family secrets come to light, leaving Amy questioning the life she knew. The town of Sant’Antonio holds more than just secrets. Here, Amy meets Adam, a renowned TV journalist whose documentaries take him to dangerous places. But as their attraction grows, so do Amy’s worries. Her life is in England,

Wedding Bells at Goodwill House by Fenella J Miller #Review


We are returning to the Home Front im 1941 for today's novel. Wedding Bells at Goodwill House by Fenella J Miller was published by Boldwood Books on June 1st.

January 1941

As the residents of Goodwill House feel the hard bite of winter, land girl Charlie Somiton is still glad of the warm friendships she has made there. Not just her fellow land girls, Daphne and Sal, but also dashing local G.P. Dr James Willoughby who looked after Charlie when she was injured at work.

Charlie likes Dr Willoughby, but she fears that there can never be more between them than just friendship. Because despite her upper-class background, Charlie carries with her a terrible secret that she can never share with James.

Dr Willoughby knows Charlie is dealing with something painful and he wishes she’d confide in him more. The war is getting ever closer and James knows all too well that life is short and happiness should be grabbed with both hands.

But is Charlie brave enough to risk her secret and her heart or will her past ruin her chances for a happy future.

 My Thoughts

If you have read previous instalments in this series, you will be pleased to know that the story continues.  Christmas has passed and in January 1941, the villagers are looking forward to another year of deprivations on the Home Front. However, the 'make do and mend' mentality is alive and kicking and there is plenty of period detail on how they go about doing that. The Land Girls are settled in to life in the village and have formed some strong friendships.

    Charlie's story is the principal focus as she comes to terms with events in her past and has to work out if she can trust Dr Willoughby. All this is done under the scrutiny if the locals, who observe the comings and goings of each other and are at times, judgemental. However, Charlie has many friends and allies, as does the well respected doctor.  Charlie is not the only character who is considering her future and making decisions which may put her under the spotlight. However, you sense how the war has brought about subtle changes in how society operates, regarding class and women's roles. This is an entertaining read . Even the moments when the war comes starkly into relief, there is a kindness and humanity about how people are dealt with.

In short: Life on the home front brings people together

About the Author

Fenella J. Miller is the bestselling writer of over eighteen historical sagas. She also has a passion for Regency romantic adventures and has published over fifty to great acclaim. Her father was a Yorkshireman and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She lives in a small village in Essex with her British Shorthair cat.


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Thanks to Fenella J Miller, Boldwood Books and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.

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