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The Lost Queen by Carol McGrath #Review

  We travel back to the 12th Century for this gorgeous historical novel, The Lost Queen by Carol McGrath . It was published by Headline Accent on 18th July. 1191 and the Third Crusade is underway . .  It is 1191 and King Richard the Lionheart is on crusade to pitch battle against Saladin and liberate the city of Jerusalem and her lands. His mother, the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine and his promised bride, Princess Berengaria of Navarre, make a perilous journey over the Alps in midwinter. They are to rendezvous with Richard in the Sicilian port of Messina. There are hazards along the way - vicious assassins, marauding pirates, violent storms and a shipwreck. Berengaria is as feisty as her foes and, surviving it all, she and Richard marry in Cyprus. England needs an heir. But first, Richard and his Queen must return home . . . The Lost Queen is a thrilling medieval story of high adventure, survival, friendship and the enduring love of a Queen for her King.   My Thoughts

Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange by Jenny Kane #Review


Today we are returning to Mill Grange for Jenny Kane's Autumn Leaves at Mill Grange. You can read my review of the first of the series, Midsummer Dreams at Mill Grange here.

At Mill Grange, the work –and the fun –never stops! As autumn brings coolness and colour, change is in the air for all at the manor...

Sam Philips' time in the forces changed him forever. Supported by his friends, Sam is keen to help make beautiful Mill Grange a safe retreat for injured army personnel... but his crippling claustrophobia means Sam is living in a tent on the grounds! Enlisting the help of charming village stalwarts Bert and Mabel Hastings, Tina Martins is determined to find a way to help him conquer his fears. But why does she feel like he is keeping a secret?

After discovering evidence of a Roman fortlet on the manor's grounds, Thea Thomas is thrilled at the chance to return to her archaeological roots and lead the excavation. She spent the summer with handsome celebrity archaeologist Shaun Cowlson –but now he's off filming hisLandscape Treasuresshow in Cornwall, and Thea can't help but miss his company. Especially as someone else is vying for his attention...

Welcome back to Mill Grange and the beautiful village of Upwich, full of larger-than-life characters you can't help but adore

 'I am a big fan of Jenny Kane' Katie Fforde.

My Thoughts

It was lovely to be back with all the familiar characters and to meet a few new ones as well. One of my favourite parts of this story was the different storylines which run alongside each other. There are several romances playing out, the hint of more to come and Mabel and Bert provide a great role model as the old married pair. They are particularly down to earth and tuned in to life at Mill Grange and offer good advice and lots of humour. 

    As before, the archaeological aspect adds a lot of interest- so much so that I totally believed in the two digs. You get to find out a little more about Sam's family in this book and see how he is coping with his PTSD and claustrophobia. With a gorgeous setting and a cast of well- established characters, this is a great sequel although it could be read as a standalone. There is still potential for a return trip so here's hoping!

In short: Friendship and romance


About the Author

Jenny Kane is the bestselling author of several romantic fiction series. Her first novel, Another Cup of Coffee(Accent Press), was a Kindle bestseller. The final novel in this series, Another Glass of Champagne, was released in June 2016. Jenny Kane’s Cornish romance, A Cornish Escape, hit No.1 in the Amazon Romance, Contemporary Fiction, and Women’s Fiction charts, and was followed by a sequel, Abi’s Neighbour, Jenny’s seventh novel.

You can follow Jenny here: Twitter |  Facebook
Aria Fiction: Website  |  Twitter

Book links:  Amazon UK  |  Google Play   |  Kobo  |   Apple iBooks

Thanks to Jenny Kane, Aria  for a copy of the book and a place on the event.

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  1. Thank you so much!! There is indeed another book on the way (In March 2021) - Spring Blossoms at Mill Grange Jen xx


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