Sharp Edge by Marianne Delacourt ** Blog Tour **

The fourth in the series about Tara Sharp, Sharp Edge is being published today, on 24th October 2017.

I am delighted to be participating in its launch.  
What's it about? Here's what the publishers, Twelfth Planet Press have to say:

Sharp Edge takes fans deeper into Tara’s world, where her PI business is flourishing and continuing to take advantage of her uncanny ability to read people's auras. As amazing as that sounds, it means that gang warfare and underworld violence are (slightly) higher up her list of priorities than typical boy, money and parent problems. In the latest instalment, she’s tasked with uncovering a shady character in the fashion world, but she’s about to collide with a few dangerous figures from her past. 

Tara’s ex-boyfriend and current accountant, Garth Wilmot, discovers someone is cooking the books at Chic Chic fashion house where his new girlfriend works. When his life is threatened if he doesn’t turn a blind eye, he goes to Tara for advice. Learning that gang lord Johnny Viaspa is involved, Tara knows that helping Garth could be dangerous to her health. Equally pressing is the small matter of a favour she owes a local bikie group, and they seem intent on calling it in right now…

As part of the publication celebrations, I have been lucky enough to ask Marianne a question. With all the world to choose from, for me, it had to be about reading -  no surprises there! Here's my question:
  • What is your earliest memory of reading?
 and here's what Marianne had to say...

Honestly it was the Dick and Dora (Nip and Fluff) books at school that I learned to read from. Even those were exciting! After that, it would have to be Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven though I’m sure there were picture books before them. I remember one story with fairies who lived at the bottom of the garden, but have no idea what it was called. The picture plates in that book will stay with me forever.

I must have been enamoured with books from a young age though, because by age ten and eleven I was trying to put out my own magazine called BOP!

My best friend and I fought over every single editorial decision. It was a big life lesson in getting along with people. 😊

How interesting, Marianne. I must say I remember Dick and Dora well, as well as Janet and John. I used to love getting the next reading badge at school as you went up the levels. I'm easily pleased! Enid Blyton was a big part of my early reading experience but my absolute favourite of hers was the Famous Five.

Back to the Sharp Edge... 

The fourth in Marianne Delacourt’s award winning series about unconventional PI Tara Sharp, Sharp Edge, launches today. Grab your copy of Sharp Edge from iTunes,, Kobo, Google Play Store or Twelfth Planet Press to be among the first to read the latest instalment in this crime fiction series, which comes packed full of humour, and with a paranormal twist.

If you haven’t yet picked up the first in the series, Sharp Shooter was the 2010 winner of the Davitt Award for Best Crime Novel and nominated for the Ned Kelly Award 2010 Best First Crime Novel. It is a killer introduction to Delacourt’s series of ‘funny, sexy, smart crime novels for men and women’ about unorthodox PI Tara Sharp. You can download a copy from a variety of online retailers, including and Twelfth Planet Press.

About the Author

 Author MARIANNE DELACOURT is the alter ego of award-winning, internationally-published Science Fiction writer Marianne de Pierres. Renowned for dark satire in her Science Fiction, Marianne offers lighter, funnier writing under her Delacourt penname. As Delacourt, Marianne is also the author of Young Adult fiction series Night Creatures (Burn Bright, Angel Arias and Shine Light). She is a co-founder of the Vision Writers Group and ROR - wRiters on the Rise, a critiquing group for professional writers. Marianne lives in Brisbane with her husband and two galahs.
Thanks to Marianne and the publishers for a copy of the book.



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