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Death at Lovers Leap by Catherine Coles #Review#PublicationDay

    Today I am featuring the third in a cozy crime series by Catherine Coles , The Martha Miller Mysteries . Death at Lovers' Leap is published today, on February 16th by Boldwood Books .You can read my review of the first in the series, Poison at the Village Show   here amd the second, Death at the Country Fair   here .     Westleham Village 1948 As Valentine's Day rolls around, Martha Miller finds herself unusually melancholy at the state of her own love life. With husband Stan still missing and with her growing feelings for Vicar Luke still shrouded in secrecy, there’s only one place Martha can go - famous local beauty spot, Lovers' Leap. Legend has it that those with a broken heart throw themselves off the bridge that spans the river, but Martha is certainly not about to do such a thing! But it looks like someone else has had other ideas…. Because there in the river, Martha finds a body. But is this misadventure, a moment of lovesick madness, or is foul play a

Thirteen Stops by Sandra Harris #Review


Today I am happy to feature Sandra Harris' Thirteen Stops which was published by Poolbeg Press on June 12th 2020.

There are thirteen Luas stops between Sandyford and St. Stephen's Green in Dublin and vice versa. The passengers all hunker down, folded tightly into themselves, eyes fixed on their phones, interminably scrolling, terrified of connecting with each other. Except . . . Except, who's that good-looking guy in the long dark coat who's eyeing up selfie queen Laura? Could he end up as one of her terrible choices? Hang on, isn't he the same guy who was ogling glamorous working-mum-with-a-secret Maroon before? And why is Jamie over there telling his life story to a complete stranger? What's Fauve hiding in her handbag? It must be the crown jewels or an unexploded bomb at the very least, the way she's hugging it so tightly to herself. And why does Becks from two seats down look out the window so anxiously? Is she worried that Barry could be straying? Alight here for the inside track . . .

My Thoughts

As I read this, it felt like a series of connected short stories. With the same Tramline as the starting background, you explored the wide range of passengers who all had their own stories to tell. There is a satisfying closing of the circle with the final chapter. Many of the characters had surprising backstories and some were at critical moments in their life. There were both humorous and sad events which made you feel you were dealing with authentic lives.

    This is a book you can pick up, read a chapter and put down. In some ways, it is an ideal companion for a train journey! You will find that you take to some stories more than others. Particular favourites of mine were Barbara's story (Stillorgan stop) and Michael and Melissa's story (Charlemont stop). Both were dealing with events which went to the heart of their identity. All the stories and inventive and some surprising, taking the reader on journeys they did not expect to go.

In short: An interesting read.

About the Author

Sandra Harris is a Dublin-based novelist, poet, short story writer and film and book blogger. She has studied Creative Writing and Vampirology. She has published a number of e-books on the following topics: horror film reviews, multi-genre film reviews, women's fiction, erotic fiction, erotic horror fiction and erotic poetry. Several new books are currently in the pipeline. You can browse or buy any of Sandra's books by following the link below straight to her Amazon Author Page:

Amazon Author Page 

Her debut romantic fiction novel, 'THIRTEEN STOPS,' is out now from Poolbeg Books: UK

The sequel, ‘THIRTEEN STOPS LATER,’ is out now from Poolbeg Books: |  

You can follow Sandra here: Facebook


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Thanks to Sandra Harris, Poolbeg Press and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.  


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