My Map of You by Isabelle Broom

    My Map of You strikes me as the ultimate summer read. Mainly set on the Greek island of sun drenched Zakynthos, we follow Holly, a rather emotionally detached young woman, after she has found out that she inherited a house there, from an aunt who she had never met and was unaware of. We find out the reasons why Holly has built an invisible wall around herself and uncover family secrets along the way. 

    The supporting cast of characters are warm and varied. There is a romance to unravel but what is interesting is that all of the characters are flawed and completely human. You can see the principal characters grow and develop, especially Holly who gains a greater understanding of her place in life. For me, the settings steal the show. Metropolitan London is a good contrast to the shimmering island of Zakynthos which is described in such detail. The pace of the story never flags and for an escapist read, this fits the bill.

In short: a descriptive, evocative, heart warming summer read. 

My thanks to the publisher, Penguin Random House, for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


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