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The Vintage Village Bake Off by Judy Leigh #Review

  Here we are with another amusing romcom by Judy Leigh . The Vintage Village Bake Off was published by Boldwood Books on December 4th. Now in his seventies, Robert Parkin is stunned to find himself the unlikely sex symbol of the village gardening club. Living in happy solitude with his cat Isaac Mewton in the Devon village of Millbrook, entertained by his mischievous chickens and goats, Robert has never figured out the rules of romance. But as the local ladies vie for his company, it soon becomes clear that Robert's Victoria Sponge cake is the lure, and as his baking prowess grows, so does his confidence. Cheesecakes, meringues, puddings, Robert can do it all, but his real masterpieces are his scones - ginger, rosemary, coconut, fruit, his recipes are inspired and soon come to the attention of the local media. Which county does the best cream tea - Devon or Cornwall? It's time for an age-old debate to be settled with a competition. Robert's sisters Bunty and Ha

A Snowflake in December by Kiltie Jackson #Review


Today we are on another festive blog tour with A Snowflake in December by Kiltie Jackson.It was published by Wicked Kilt Publishing on October 8th.

When Christmas is the time of year you hate the most, what does it take to make you love it?

Polly Snowflake hasn't celebrated Christmas since her father died on Christmas Day when she was fifteen years old and, twenty years later, she has avoiding the festive season down to a fine art. That is until she meets Maxwell Watkins, a fully-fledged lover of Christmas, who vows to thaw out her frozen Christmas spirit.

Taking the idea of an advent calendar, Maxwell sets a different ADVENT-ure each day from the 1st to the 24th December, covering all manner of wonderful Christmas delights. As they spend time together, Polly begins to wonder if Christmas is the only thing she’ll be opening her heart to. That is, until Maxwell’s glamourous super-model ex-girlfriend arrives back on the scene...

Will this be a Christmas for Polly to remember or yet another she’ll want to forget?

My Thoughts

 This is a light, gentle festive read. If you are looking for a story which is full of all the delights of Christmas, this has to be the one for you. Polly has a likeable, slightly deprecating sense of humour and a vulnerability which people can recognise. Trauma from her childhood has affected how she views Christmas. From the moment Polly meets Maxwell and his twin brother, Monty, her life takes a different direction and there seems to be a sprinkle of magic over the chance meeting with them. 

     The setting is gorgeous and full of seasonal touches. You can absolutely imagine all the celebrations and the different festive activities which Polly attends. With a varied cast of characters, some of whom you like and a couple you don't, there is plenty of scope for humour. Past relationships also reared their heads and throw light on Polly and Maxwell's characters.  This is a fun read for a wintry weekend.

In short: festive romance  

About the Author


Kiltie Jackson spent her childhood years growing up in Scotland. Most of these early years were spent in and around Glasgow although for a short period of time, she wreaked havoc at a boarding school in the Highlands.


By the age of seventeen, she had her own flat which she shared with a couple of cats for a few years while working as a waitress in a cocktail bar (she’s sure there’s a song in there somewhere!) and serving customers in a fashionable clothing outlet before moving down to London to chalk up a plethora of experiences which are now finding their way into her writing.

Once she’d wrung the last bit of fun out of the smokey capital, she moved up to the Midlands and now lives in Staffordshire with one grumpy husband and another six feisty felines.

Her little home is known as Moggy Towers even though, despite having plenty of moggies, there are no towers! The cats kindly allow her and Mr Mogs to share their home as long as the mortgage continues to be paid.

Since the age of three, Kiltie has been an avid reader although it was many years later before she decided to put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – to begin giving life to the stories in her head.

Her debut novel was released in September 2017 and her fourth book, ‘A Timeless Lovestyle’ was a US Amazon bestseller in Time Travel Romance.

Kiltie loves to write fiery and feisty female characters and puts the blame for this firmly on the doorsteps of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables and George Kirrin from The Famous Five.

When asked what her best memories are, Kiltie will tell you:

1. Queuing up overnight outside the Glasgow Apollo to buy her Live-Aid ticket.

2. Being at Live-Aid.

3. Winning an MTV competition to meet Bon Jovi in Sweden. (Although, if Mr Mogs is in earshot, the latter is changed to her wedding day.)

Her main motto in life used to be “Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!” but that has since been replaced with “Too many stories, not a fast enough typist!”

You can follow Kiltie here: Website   |  Facebook   |  Twitter
                                           |  Instagram

Book links: Amazon UK

Thanks to Kiltie Jackson,Wicked Kilt Publishing and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.  

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