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The 6pm Frazzled Mums' Club by Nina Manning #Review

I am delighted to be part of the celebrations for the publication of Nina Manning's The 6pm Frazzled Mums' Club . It was published by Boldwood Books on September 26th.     Whatever the question, the answer is wine! They’ve swapped the dark and lonely baby days for school gate chaos, but Aisha, Sophy and Mel are discovering that there are new parenting pitfalls just waiting for them… Influencer Sophy, is trying to keep on top of home and work life but is finding it all a bit tough! Everyone thinks she’s living her best life, but the pressure to maintain perfection at the school gates when all she wants to do is cry, is taking its toll on Sophy. Aisha doesn’t know what to do with all her spare time now her twins are at school. Maybe it’s time to focus on herself and the dreams she’s put on hold? But when her mum suddenly begins to feel unwell, Aisha has to rethink everything. And when Mel is offered a chance to live her dream, she grabs it with both hands. But there’

The Sandycove Supper Club by Sian O'Gorman #Review


The Sandycove Supper Club was published by Boldwood Books on July 20th and is another uplifting read by Irish author Sian O'Gorman. 

Do what you love. Love what you do…

After a whirlwind courtship, Roisin Kelly ignored the sceptics and objectors and married aspiring novelist Brody Brady.

Fast forward one year and Roisin’s honeymoon is well and truly over. Brody has become her reclusive, freeloading lodger whilst he pens his masterpiece and she walks on eggshells.

Working in the Council Planning office, Roisin dreams to escape the mundanity of her life. Her true passions are cooking and entertaining her family and friends but she lacks the confidence to take it any further. When a charity supper club is suggested by best friends Jools and Richard, Roisin has no choice and is reluctantly swept along to be head chef for the fundraiser.

With the help of her friends, Roisin starts to believe that there is more to life that moody writers, hamsters and poor hygiene and that maybe she has a few dreams of her own.

And that just when you think life has nothing left to give, your whole world can change.


My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this large Irish family and group of friends for what is a lovely, uplifting read.  From the beginning, when Roisin impulsively marries the would-be author, Brody, you have a feeling that her story is going to be a bit complicated and far from humdrum. The humour is what stood out in the story for me. Brody's pet hamster and some of Roisin's work fellows were great sources of laughter but most of all, was Brody himself, the self-centred writer and spinner of yarns. 

    The idea for the Supper Club is a challenge for Roisin, set by her friends who can see that her heart is not totally in her job as an admin assistant in the Planning Department. She is a talented chef but has zero confidence in her abilities and has to slowly build up her self- esteem. Her family have their own complicated dynamics but their family love shines through. Above all, the Supper Club sounds quite idyllic, situated in Roisin's childhood garden. It sounds like just the sort of place I'd love to go. With romance, laughter and a few exasperating moments, you are always aware that these are real human beings with faults and virtues. It is a romp of a read.

In short: Facing up to your heart's desire

About the Author

Sian O’Gorman was born in Galway and now lives just along the coast from Dublin. She works as a radio producer alongside writing contemporary women’s fiction inspired by friend and family relationships.

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Thanks to Sian O'Gorman, Boldwood Books and Rachel of Rachel's Random Resources  for a copy of the book amd a place on the tour. 

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