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The Wartime Book Club by Kate Thompson #Review

  The Wartime Book Club is a marvellous historical novel set on Jersey in World War Two. Written by Kate Thompson , it was published by Hodder $ Stoughton on February 13th. Jersey, 1943. Once a warm and neighbourly community, now German soldiers patrol the cobbled streets, imposing a harsh rule on the people of the island. Grace La Mottée, the island's only librarian, is ordered to destroy books which threaten the new regime. Instead, she hides the stories away in secret. Along with her headstrong best friend, postwoman Bea Rose, she wants to fight back. So she forms the wartime book club: a lifeline, offering fearful islanders the joy and escapism of reading. But as the occupation drags on, the women's quiet acts of bravery become more perilous - and more important - than ever before. And, when tensions turn to violence, they are forced to face the true, terrible cost of resistance . . . Based on astonishing real events, The Wartime Book Club is a love letter

The Wrong Boy by Cathy Ace ** Blog Tour Review**

I am so happy to be taking part in the blog tour for The Wrong Boy by Cathy Ace. It is due to be published on January 9th 2019 by Four Tails Publishing.

Perched on a Welsh clifftop, the ancient, picturesque hamlet of Rhosddraig has its peaceful façade ripped apart when human remains are discovered under a pile of stones. The village pub, The Dragon's Head, run by three generations of women, becomes the focal point for those interested in the grisly find, and it’s where layers of deceit are peeled away to expose old secrets, and deep wounds. The police need to establish who died, how, and why, but DI Evan Glover knows he can’t be involved in the investigation, because he's just two days away from retirement. However, as the case develops in unexpected ways, it becomes irrevocably woven into his life, and the lives of local families, leading to disturbing revelations – and deadly consequences ...

My Thoughts

You instinctively feel that you are in safe hands when you settle down to read The Wrong Boy. The setting in the Welsh hamlet of Rhosddraig is beautifully evoked and you feel the secrets of the past are just out of reach. This is a tense, psychological thriller which surprises especially when the perpetrator is finally revealed. You get to know the generations as Nan, Helen and Sadie get to give us their perspectives. Their accounts are alternated along with the investigation into the presumed murder and give you some insight into the relationships between these three generations. 

    You begin to sense how secrecy and gossip spreads false information within a small community, especially when you see how Sadie's Twitter account takes on a life of its own. As the story evolves, you sense that the history of the place with its prehistoric links is going to have a bearing on the story. The far past is always there glinting in the Welsh mist. 

In short: A well written psychological thriller with some arresting characters and a clever plot.

About the Author 


This is the 13th novel from Cathy Ace. Her criminal psychologist, overindulgent-foodie sleuth, Cait Morgan, has stumbled upon Corpses with a Silver Tongue, Golden Nose, Diamond Hand, Garnet Face, an Emerald Thumb, Platinum Hair and Ruby Lips during her globetrotting. Ace’s WISE Enquiries Agency series features four softly-boiled female PIs who solve quintessentially British cases from their stately home-based office in rural Wales, where Cathy was born and raised. Shortlisted for the Bony Blithe Award for Best Light Mystery by a Canadian three times in four years, winning in 2015, she was also shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story in 2017.  

You can follow Cathy here: Website  |  Twitter   |  Facebook

Book links: Amazon UK 

Thanks to Cathy Ace, Four Tails Publishing and Anne Cater of Random Things Tours  for a copy of the book and a place on the tour.  

Check out the rest of the tour!


  1. Thanks ever so much for taking the time to read and review my book! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. Much appreciated :-)

  2. Huge thanks for the Blog Tour support Pam x


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