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The Wartime Book Club by Kate Thompson #Review

  The Wartime Book Club is a marvellous historical novel set on Jersey in World War Two. Written by Kate Thompson , it was published by Hodder $ Stoughton on February 13th. Jersey, 1943. Once a warm and neighbourly community, now German soldiers patrol the cobbled streets, imposing a harsh rule on the people of the island. Grace La Mottée, the island's only librarian, is ordered to destroy books which threaten the new regime. Instead, she hides the stories away in secret. Along with her headstrong best friend, postwoman Bea Rose, she wants to fight back. So she forms the wartime book club: a lifeline, offering fearful islanders the joy and escapism of reading. But as the occupation drags on, the women's quiet acts of bravery become more perilous - and more important - than ever before. And, when tensions turn to violence, they are forced to face the true, terrible cost of resistance . . . Based on astonishing real events, The Wartime Book Club is a love letter

Tell Me a Secret by Jane Fallon ** Blog Tour Review**

 We  are starting off the New Year with an engrossing novel by Jane Fallon, Tell Me a Secret, which is due to be published on 10th January 2019. I am delighted to be on the first day of the tour for this bestselling author.

Holly is feeling on top of the world - celebrating a new promotion and dying to pop the champagne with her best friend Roz. But is Holly just imagining things, or is Roz - who supported her every step of the way - not as happy for her as she should be?

Something about Roz's behaviour doesn't add up. And soon Holly has the sneaking suspicion that there's a target on her back. Has someone been playing dirty in a war Holly didn't know she was fighting? And is Roz more tangled up in this than she'll admit?

Only one woman can be left standing - but will the best woman win?

My Thoughts
This has proved to be a great book to kick off my reading for the new year. It kept me interested throughout, with its varied plotting and great characters. I particularly felt for Roz as the truth of what had been happening slowly began to dawn on her. She isn't someone who has had a charmed career and you realise that as she has matured, she has got a little set in her ways. Having to share her home is a really difficult thing for her to do. You do come to root for her and want her to succeed in her new role. Parallels between Roz and her daughter are there to see, as well. 

    In some ways, this novel is about friendship and who you can actually trust. Is the person you perceive actually the truth for each of the characters? Not always, we find, as the story develops. There is plenty to recognise in this novel of office politics, deceit and in contrast, loyalty. It is a light but enjoyable read which keeps you involved, with its humorous touches and swiftly moving plot.

In short: Machinations abound in this tale of friendship and deceit.
About the author

Jane Fallon is the multi-award-winning television producer behind shows such as This Life, Teachers and 20 Things to Do Before You're 30. Her books include Getting Rid of Matthew, Got You Back, Foursome, The Ugly Sister, Skeletons, Strictly Between Us and My Sweet Revenge.
 You can find more information here: Website  |  Twitter 

Book link:  Amazon UK

Thanks to Jane Fallon and Jenny Platt of Penguin Random House for a copy of the book and a place on the tour. 

Be sure to check out the rest of the tour!



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