Sharp Edge by Marianne Delacourt **Cover Reveal**

You may remember that in March 2017, I featured Marianne Delacourt's Too Sharp on Books, Life and Everything. If you want a refresher, follow the link here. 

It is my most popular post to date. Marianne has the fourth in the series about Tara Sharp, Sharp Edge coming out on 24th October 2017. I am very happy to have been invited to share the cover of Too Sharp with you, so... it is...

What's it about? Here's what the publishers, Twelfth Planet Press have to say:
Sharp Edge takes fans deeper into Tara’s world, where her PI business is flourishing and continuing to take advantage of her uncanny ability to read people's auras. As amazing as that sounds, it means that gang warfare and underworld violence are (slightly) higher up her list of priorities than typical boy, money and parent problems. In the latest instalment, she’s tasked with uncovering a shady character in the fashion world, but she’s about to collide with a few dangerous figures from her past.
Tara’s ex-boyfriend and current accountant, Garth Wilmot, discovers someone is cooking the books at Chic Chic fashion house where his new girlfriend works. When his life is threatened if he doesn’t turn a blind eye, he goes to Tara for advice. Learning that gang lord Johnny Viaspa is involved, Tara knows that helping Garth could be dangerous to her health. Equally pressing is the small matter of a favour she owes a local bikie group, and they seem intent on calling it in right now…

“It’s been fantastic to see the reaction from fans worldwide to the last couple of novels,” says author MARIANNE DELACOURT. “Fans seem to love how relatable Tara is as a character. Despite growing her own business, she’s still the Tara we love, navigating her complex love life, supporting her best friends, tolerating her parents, and going through all the stresses facing women of her age. I hope Tara’s fans continue to love spending time with her as much as I do.”
Sharp Edge is due for release 24 October 2017 - available for worldwide delivery, printed in the UK and US. Book One Sharp Shooter, Book Two Sharp Turn and Book Three Too Sharp are available from Twelfth Planet Press and from Amazon. Book One in the Tara Sharp series, Sharp Shooter was the 2010 winner of the Davitt Award for Best Crime Novel and nominated for the Ned Kelly Award 2010 Best First Crime Novel. Twelfth Planet Press are an advocate of women's voices in science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime genres and a natural home for Delacourt.

Author MARIANNE DELACOURT is the alter ego of award-winning, internationally-published Science Fiction writer Marianne de Pierres. Renowned for dark satire in her Science Fiction, Marianne offers lighter, funnier writing under her Delacourt penname. As Delacourt, Marianne is also the author of Young Adult fiction series Night Creatures (Burn Bright, Angel Arias and Shine Light). She is a co-founder of the Vision Writers Group and ROR - wRiters on the Rise, a critiquing group for professional writers. Marianne lives in Brisbane with her husband and two galahs.

Australian Publisher
TWELFTH PLANET PRESS seeks to challenge the status quo with books that interrogate, commentate and inspire. While showcasing the depth and breadth of Australian fiction to a wider audience, Twelfth Planet Press aims to provide opportunities for fiction written by female writers, raising awareness of women's voices in science fiction, fantasy, horror and crime genres.
Twelfth Planet Press have championed underrepresented voices from the very start. They celebrate genre writing by women and have recently announced a new imprint which encourages representation in children’s literature. Previous projects include the acclaimed Twelve Planets series of twelve short collections of short fiction by Australian women and Kaleidoscope, an anthology of diverse YA fiction, published in 2014.


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