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The Love Island Bookshop by Kate Frost #Review #ARomanticEscapeBook

 If you can't fly over to the Maldives at the moment, how about escaping there through the pages of a book? Kate Frost's The Love Island Bookshop was published on 8th April by Lemon Tree Press. A dream job, two handsome men, one destructive act. Will Freya’s opportunity of a lifetime end in tears? When Freya leaves her publishing job in London to be a barefoot bookseller in the Maldives, it’s the push she needs to move on from her sadness and reignite her passion for life. While resort owner Zander is charming, it’s handsome dive instructor Aaron who befriends her when she needs it most. But all is not what it seems and there’s trouble brewing in paradise. Taking a chance on happiness is harder than she imagined. Can Freya let go of her heartache and allow herself to fall in love again? My Thoughts  Yes this novel certainly lived up to its series, A Romantic Escape . What could be blissful than spending the Summer on a remote island in the Maldives? Well, running the

Blood Tide by Claire McGowan **Blog Tour Author interview**

One of the great pleasures of having a book blog is the opportunity to ask current authors a few questions. As part of the Blog Tour for Blood Tide, which is published on March 23rd, Claire McGowan has stopped by and kindly given me some insights into writing her latest book. This will be the 5th in her Paula Maguire series. 

First, a little about the book:


Called in to investigate the disappearance of a young couple during a violent storm, Paula Maguire, forensic psychologist, has mixed feelings about going back to Bone Island. Her last family holiday as a child was spent on its beautiful, remote beaches and returning brings back haunting memories of her long-lost mother.

It soon becomes clear that outsiders aren't welcome on the island, and with no choice but to investigate the local community, Paula soon suspects foul play, realising that the islanders are hiding secrets from her, and each other.

With another storm fast approaching, Paula is faced with a choice. Leave alive or risk being trapped with a killer on an inescapable island, as the blood tide rushes in...


Hello Claire and welcome to Books, Life and Everything!

Would you like to start by telling us a little about yourself and how you started as a writer?

I'd always wanted to be a writer, and I grew up in a small Irish village with not much else to do, so I spent my whole childhood reading and then trying to write books. For many years I never finished anything, until in my mid-twenties I started taking it seriously. I managed to get my second book published when I was thirty. I think if you can finish your book, your chances of getting published will go up astronomically! 

I believe you also publish under the name, Eva Woods. Could you tell us how you came to have these two literary identities and why?

It's actually quite common for authors to write under two or more names, and it's usually because they're writing very different books. My Eva Woods books are more women's fiction, so more romantic and uplifting, less disturbing than the crime. 

Which is your preferred genre- to read and write?

That's a tough one - I really love both, but I probably find more crime that I enjoy, simply because there is so much of it being published all the time! 

Blood Tide is the 5th in the series about the Forensic Psychologist, Paula Maguire. Did you always intend to write a series when you started out and do you plan more in the series?

I definitely knew it was a series but not exactly how many books. There will be one more, tentatively titled THE KILLING HOUSE, and then probably no more at least for now. 

Have you based the fictional town of Ballyterrin on anywhere you know?

It's very much based on my home town in Ireland, Newry, but with some differences, e.g. the religious balance is different. Like Ballyterrin, Newry is a border town, with all that brings with it. 

Blood Tide is out on March 23rd. How will you celebrate publication day?
It will probably be much like any other day, as I'm teaching in my university job in the afternoon, but I am going on holiday the following week, so I can celebrate then. 

Which aspects of your writing do you find easiest and most difficult?
Easiest is definitely coming up with ideas, which I do all the time. For me the hardest part is getting the plot to all line up at the end, because I'm not much of a planner and often have no idea what did really happen! 

If you had 15 words to persuade a reader that Blood Tide should be their next read, what would you say?

A weird island, a storm, strange behaviour, a missing couple, and danger for Paula! 

About the Author 

Claire McGowan grew up in a small village in Northern Ireland and now lives in London, where she runs an MA in creative writing at City University. BLOOD TIDE is Claire's sixth crime novel, and the fifth in the highly-acclaimed Paula Maguire series. She also writes women's fiction as Eva Woods.

 You can find out more about Claire on her Website or follow her on Twitter

Thanks to Millie Seaward and the publishers at Headline Press for a copy of the book and a place on the Blog Tour via Bookbridgr.

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