Review Policy

Having looked at quite a few other lovely book blogs, I thought that I would set out a review policy now that I am finding my feet.

Books, Life and Everything is currently open to receiving requests to read Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies. Preferred genres are contemporary fiction, historical fiction, dystopian, SFF, mysteries, children's literature, short stories and poetry. I will consider any request but YA, erotica, horror and romance are not likely to be accepted.

I will give an honest review in exchange but reserve the right to write frankly. I am not receiving recompense for any reviews which are in my own words. I do not use a grading system but set out my personal opinion of the book.

Although I prefer a paper copy of a book, I will consider e copies compatible with a Kindle (mobi) or an i pad.

This blog is my hobby. I cannot promise to agree to every review request but will consider all queries. If I agree to read your book, I will endeavour to post a review within two months. If a different timescale is needed, please feel free to discuss this with me. If, after reading your book, I feel I am unable to post a review, I will let you know.  Acceptance of a book does not mean that I will post a review.
Many of the books which I review are those which I have purchased myself, are gifts from family and friends or library books. I will disclose the source of any other books within the review. Book reviews are posted on Books, Life and Everything and Goodreads.

Any requests should be directed to 



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