Six Lies by Ben Adams

I was sent a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Six Lies is the author's second novel. It fizzes along at a good pace and was an enjoyable read. It centres around Dave who has just buried his mother, only to find that everything he believed was true about his childhood was in fact nothing of the sort. In a letter delivered after her death, his mother breaks the news that she is not his biological mother. To find out the truth, he will have to confront his father. In addition, Dave is pining for his wife who has left him for a librarian.  As the story unfolds, Dave discovers more lies and misapprehensions and he uncovers further secrets from the past.

Humour runs through the book from start to finish, tinged with a hint of cynicism. Dave does not take himself too seriously although he is faced with life changing moments.  The soundtrack of the 80's  echoes in the background as Dave's band stays resolutely fixed in that decade. I found Dave's friends from the band  entertaining and they added to the enjoyment.

As a story to read over the holiday period, it was a good choice. It is upbeat and despite the story line has an upbeat feel. In all, I thought that the plot was inventive and kept my interest. A twist towards the end took me by surprise. I also liked hearing from other characters as a couple of chapters were written from their perspective. This added variety to the story. 

In short: an entertaining read which kept my interest to the end.


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